About Us_

We are a marketing company specialized in developing effective strategies that are focused on producing results that increase our client's brands value. 

Truly effective_

It is Insight's business model,  developed strategically to achieve objectives in a really effective way.


Truly Effective communication campaigns for brands.
-Brand launching.
-Positioning campaigns.
-Promotion campaigns.
-Politic campaigns.

Media Center_

Strategic planing for an optimum reach of massive digital and direct spread campaigns.
-Strategy and planning.
-Analysis of audience and its impacts.
-Development of intelligent guidelines.
-Negotiation and purchase.
-Insertion and conciliation.

Market Research_

Qualitative and quantitive Research Development, with national reach based on the following methodologies:
-Focus groups.
-Feasibility research.
-Depths interviews.
-Mistery Shopper.

Direct marketing_

Implementation of strategies with one to one impact between a brand and its potential market, and product positioning.
-High traffic center planting.
-BTL strategies.
-Street marketing
-Event marketing

Audiovisual production_

Develop high impact in-house audiovisual tools.
-TV spots.
-Movie spots.
-Corporate videos.
-Commercial videos.
-Audio production.
-Photography production.


Effective marketing plans based on the objectives of a brand, using a process registered by Insight, called Functional Emotion.

Brand Management_

Strategic and creative management of a brand or a brand group.
-Marketing strategies.
-Communication and creativity.
-Integral design.
-Implementation and supervision.

Digital Marketing_

Implementation of campaigns for digital media and development of all types of web applications.
-Digital campaigns.
-Community managment.

Industrial marketing_

Strategies and commercial tools focused on brands that are not of mass consumption.
-Corporate brochure.
-Company book.
- Corporate and / or training videos.
-Digital presentations.
- Catalogs.

Politics marketing_

Construction and strategic management of the image of a candidate or public figure.
-Design and management of public image.
-Communication strategies.
-Development and campaign management.
-Planning and media management
-Media Coaching.
-Public relations.